Monday, August 8, 2011

Exerpt from Eternal Bliss a current wip

This scene is Laine and Melanie in Victoria's Secret. Enjoy!

“What the hell is going on with my ass?” Laine asked looking over her shoulder into the fitting room mirror. “This thing makes my ass look like biscuits popping from a cracked can. Tell me again why we’re here?” Laine asked her best friend Melanie.
Melanie giggled. “We’re here to find you a sexy outfit for the hot fireman that felt you up.”
Laine took another look at her rear, and said, “Well this one isn’t it.” She took it off as quickly as she could, and tried on the next teddy. “You know Victoria’s Secret is that she has a very small butt unlike mine. My ass couldn’t keep a secret if you crammed it up to my eyeballs.”
“Eww, that’s a nice image to burn into my brain. It’s always so much fun shopping with you,” she said sarcastically.
“Well, Mel, not all of us have your perfect hourglass figure. I seem to have about an hour and a half.” Laine turned and checked the mirror. “Oh, I think this black lace one will do,” she said with enthusiasm.
“It’s about time you found something.”
Laine had just shimmied out of the garment, when her phone rang playing Pachelbel’s Cannon. “Hi Jules, what did you find out?”
“I have the names and photos of everyone in the firehouse. Do you want me to send it to your phone?”
“Oh, yes, please?”
“Consider it done.”
“Thanks Jules, what would I do without you?”
“Go out of business and starve,” Julie teased.
“You’re probably right you know.”
“What’s going on? What am I missing?” Melanie asked from the stall next door.
“She’s sending me the files on the hot firemen.”
“Yummy, I want to see, just let me get dressed.” Laine heard the shuffle of clothes and then a knock on her door. She wasn’t worried about Mel seeing her in her underwear; they’d been best friends since elementary school. She let Mel in, and the pictures started downloading. None of them looked familiar until Steve, then a dirty blonde she remembered around the car, his name was Jeff Beckley. Then there he was, Kyle Logan. His name was one hell of a lot sexier than Pete.
“Is that Mr. Orgasm?”
“Mmm hmm, that’s him. Sexy, right?”
“Good Lord, I might set a fire just to get his attention.”
“You’ll do no such thing, he’s mine. You can have the blonde one, Jeff.”
“He is cute, maybe we could double.”
She stared at the tiny screen, noting his strong jaw line, and those ice blue eyes. Heat pooled between her thighs, remembering his scorching touch. “Yeah, maybe. I just hope he’ll agree to dinner. I wasn’t exactly sweet when we met.” She grimaced.
“I still can’t believe you ran into a bus staring at his…assets.”
“Hey, you weren’t there. He was very distracting.” She shoved her phone at Mel, and pulled on her clothes. Mel switched the screen back to the blonde, and studied him.
“He is really cute,” Mel said. She traced his face with her finger. She elbowed Laine. “So what are you waiting for? Give him a call, and get us laid.”
“God, Mel.  Do you have to be so crass?” She checked herself in the mirror, reapplied her lip gloss, touched up the makeup covering her bruised cheek and went and paid for her teddy.
Mel handed her phone back, whispering, “You would be crass too, if it had been four years for you.”
The checkout lady folded the teddy, placing it in a pink bag and handed her credit card back. “Are you interested in a Victoria’s Secret, charge account?”
“No thank you. But, you could tell Victoria a secret for me.” She cupped her hand around her mouth. “Tell her not everyone is a size zero.”
The lady frowned, and thrust the bag at her. She took it and they headed out into the mall.
Laine checked her watch. “Alright Mel, I have to get back to work.” They air kissed each other and left.

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