Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Short Story

This is a short I came up with today, based on the picture. Feel free to make up your own story and post.

“Where is he?” Drake asked holding her arms.
“I don’t know.” Melody answered.
“I’m going to punish you if you lie to me.” He tightened his grip on her arms.
“I don’t know where my husband is. I wouldn’t lie to you, Master.” She gasped through her teeth.
“Good girl.” He grazed her neck with his teeth, eliciting a whimper from her.
His cock was painfully engorged in its denim confines. He could hardly wait to be inside her sweet depths. They had been together playing games for years, never getting caught. She was his, and no other would ever take her as he did.
“Please, Master, I need you. I’m burning alive inside.” She arched her back, pushing her ass into his groin. He reached between her thighs, he noticed her clit was hard and her juices dampened her inner thighs. He looked over her shoulder noticing her breasts were heavy and her nipples taut.
“Lay across the bed with your sweet ass in the air.” His cock twitched with anticipation. He watched as she crawled across the bed spreading wide for him. He could see the glistening of her juices covering her bare pussy. She was ready, more than ready and so was he.
He crawled up behind her, lowered his head and licked her from front to back, grazing her clit. She backed up into him seeking more pleasure. He smacked her ass, a warning to be still.
“Please, sir.” She backed up again.
“Do I have to punish you? You’re being a bad little girl, Melody. Hold still or I’ll turn this sweet little ass of yours rosy-red.” He leaned down and licked her again. He loved the little mewling sounds she made and could never tire of hearing them.

 He flipped on his back and pulled her down on his face, sucking her clit into his mouth. The salty-sweet flavor of her desire burst on is tongue, making his mouth water. Damn, he loved her. Loved the silky smoothness of her skin and the warmth he would soon sink himself into. He would feel the tight grip of her delicate muscles grasping  him.

“Mmm,” he hummed giving her a vibrating tongue.
“Yes, please don’t stop, Master.” She bucked her hips with his rhythm, chanting his name over and over again.
He opened her pussy, sinking two thick fingers into her depths. She squealed and bucked, riding them. He fucked her with his fingers as he sucked her clit back into his mouth and she flew apart in his arms, screaming his name. Her whole body quaked and shook with her orgasm.

 He left her long enough to strip from his jeans and return to sink inside of her in one long languid stroke, making them both moan. He grabbed her hips, thrust inside her wildly and left his mark on her hips.

He wouldn’t last long the first time around today. It was a good thing they had the all day to play. He planned to take her over and over until they were both so satiated they couldn't move.
“Tell me who you want inside this sweet pussy.” He gritted out through clenched teeth. His orgasm wasn’t far away. Just a few more pumps and he would be done for the first round.
“Only you, Master,” she said in a half moan. She pressed back against him, forcing more of him in.
He slid a hand around to her clit and rubbed her hard little nubbin in rapid circles. She bucked against him wildly, coming apart. Her channel squeezed and gripped him, sending him over the edge with her, milking him of every drop.
He backed out and laid on his side, pulling her into him. “Damn, baby, you wear me out.”
“Mmm, you wear me out too, honey. I love playing games with you. Happy anniversary, I love you.”
“Happy anniversary, babe.” He kissed her temple. “I love you and I’m so glad I married you.”


  1. Love it! That's great :) Had me wondering if she was cheating but loved the ending!

  2. Very hot, sexy and sweet! Loved it!

  3. There is something just so damn sexy about a woman who says 'please'. And it keeps just getting better when her man knows how give her what she needs. Hmmm Ms. Bonni, I love your naughty mind.